Camp Serenity

Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

June 17-21, 2024

with Claire and Nina

Join us for

5 Days, 4 Nights

for movement practices, do nothing time, and Vitamin D.


is waiting for you.

Pricing from $2,095- $3,495

$400 (non-refundable deposit) to secures your spot

2 Queen Bed Bungalow, Private Bath

Shared PP: $2,395

Single PP: $3,495

Twin XL (2 people-shared room), Private Bath

Shared PP: $2,095

Single PP: $3,495

Includes 5 days and 4 nights accommodations,

3 meals a day,

and two daily movement practices.

Does not include airfare or airport transfers.

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Meet Claire.

The owner and co-founder of Rising Lotus Yoga, she has dedicated the last 2 decades to the practice and teaching of yoga and practices to reduce pain and increase vitality. "Leading retreats have been some of the most joyful and satisfying adventures I've ever had. The community that grows out of them, the friendship, and the shared laughter and healing are always inspiring'.


Meet Nina.

Nina Siemaszko, is a teacher and teacher trainer at RLY. Her smart dynamic classes are designed to empower the beginner and challenge the more advanced. For the past 14 years, she has inspired students to stretch beyond their comfort zones, to train their minds, relieve stress and pain, and move towards happiness. She loves yoga travel and the connections that come out of them She is looking forward to partnering with Claire again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Center has direct beach access

How do we get to Camp Serenity? And when should we arrive?

To get there, you catch a flight to Los Cabos International Airport. Once in Los Cabos, you hire a car for a 1.5 hour ride to Camp Serenity. We ask that you arrive no later than 3 pm.

We are happy to help you coordinate ride shares. reach out to us!

Are we really close to the beach?

YES! The 5 acre property is just a 30 second walk to the finest beachcombing, snorkeling and diving in all of Baja.

Nestled directly on the shoreline, it is easy to imagine you are at the end of the earth while only a few hundred yards to the south of us is the charming village of Cabo Pulmo with restaurants, quiet bars and convenience shops selling the basics. There are snorkel and dive outfitters, along with a Visitors Center and a Learning Center.

What's special about Cabo Pulmo?

The Cabo Pulmo Marine Preserve extends some miles into the ocean and several miles north and south, encompassing more than 71 square kilometers (27.5 square miles). The bountiful sea life here has increased over 465% since the preserve was created in 1995. Because of this, the park has been awarded Unesco World Heritage Site status.

When is payment due and Do you have a cancellation policy?

A $400 non-refundable deposit is required at time of registration. Payment plans are avaiable. Please contact to discuss.

Cancellations between 80 and 99 days of the retreat will result in a 25% loss of the full trip price.

Cancellations made between 50 and 79 days of the start date of the retreat will result in a 50% loss of the total trip price.

Cancellations between 20-49 days of the start date of the retreat will result in a 75% loss of total trip price. Cancellations 19 days or less to start date of the retreat will result in a 100% loss of total trip price.

AND, contact us. We will do our absolute best to accomodate you.

This is what people had to say about our last retreat.

This retreat was Beautiful designed to connect with the river and the trees in Sequoia National Forest. Claire and her team created a set and setting that allowed for a deep restorative reset. She teaches from an anatomical awareness to your body and encourages expansion in the awareness of body movement and what it feels like and looks like knowing each body is designed differently and varies on a daily basis. The chef prepared healthy hearty food options and the  accommodations were cozy. I highly encourage Rising Lotus yoga retreat. Hug and Kiss the Trees!!

- Michele Natarajan

It is amazing!

A few weeks ago, I joined the RLY retreat to the Sequoias and it was "MAGICAL!"  Being surrounded by nature, fresh air, flowing rivers & amazing yogis, made this an experience I will always treasure.  I am ready for my next retreat in June! I HIGHLY recommend "Rising Lotus Yoga."  They really care about every one of their students. Friendly, loving & positive affirmations everyday! Xoxoxo

-Te-See Bender-Rouhier

I very highly recommend that you join in on the next adventure, wherever Nina is going. I participated in the yoga retreat that went to Costa Rica for a week. It was the best retreat experience I’ve ever had by far. The people were lovely, the food was great, the facilities spotless and dreamy.

We were all so well taken care of start to finish. Travel plans were easy and clear. The packing list was very helpful as I had never been to that climate before. The other participants and staff there, I now consider friends. The facility was incredible. Photos don’t do it justice. I am not a Yogi, in fact that was one thing that gave me pause about doing the trip. However, Nina is incredible at meeting everyone where they are physically, so we each had a personal yoga experience. It was just the right mix of release and challenge for me! Overall it was one of the best trips of my life and well worth the money.

-Melissa H

I had the most life enhancing mind, heart and body experience on our magnificent Yoga retreat the the Sequoias. Claire and her team were amazing . Very Grateful 🙏🏻

- Sylvia Surdu

So grateful for the amazing, life-affirming retreat amid the majesty and mystery of the sequoias.

The understanding and attention to detail from Claire and Rose and the chance to build friendships with fellow yogis was a special experience -- and just what I expected after finding knowledgeable and welcoming teachers and students in every class I've taken in my first six months at the studio.

- Rebecca Bryan

I did it!I cancelled my busy life for a week and hopped on a plane to Costa Rica. The location was spectacular. It was the right amount of remote. Nina assembled the perfect blend of people to come together and let go of the stresses of city life. Nina is an intuitive instructor and she structured a series of classes over the week. She unfolded our bodies, hearts, and souls to some sick beats. The food was amazing. Nina is a treasure and I can’t wait until next time. There will be a next time. Thank you Nina!

-Suzi Fisher

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